My TF2 competitive scene

I’m currently the captain of 2 teams and play medic for both of them. My current Highlander team (9v9) is Cloud 9, and a 6s team that currently has no name. Both roster’s are yet to be completed. I play medic in both the teams, and have some competitive experience from my old team’s which have been disbanded, Roadway(Highlander) and Bad Movement(6s). Roadway entered a UGC season, but we didn’t make it far after the first round. I wasn’t able to play in the season because of family issues so another medic took my place, after the season ended, the team disbanded. My competitive career started shortly after I had hit 500 hours in TF2(I currently have 800) and discovering the top tier players like b4nny, shade, habib and sigafoo. That led me to building Roadway and the members in that team helped build bad movement. I’m now working with and old teammate to build Cloud 9 and another friend to build my 6s team.